INXSSo Heather and I decided to catch INXS at the Paramount Theater on the 23rd of January. Let me first tell you just how great a venue the Paramount is – that place is stunning and has amazing acoustic abilities. I would highly recommend catching a show, any show at the Paramount.

INXS as a band can still kick out the jams and can blend dance, rock, reggae, pop, and a little jazz like no other band can. They are as tight as ever and the sound still feels fresh. JD Fortune, on the other hand, is a total Jackass. Yes, on certain songs he can sound alot like Hutch, but most of the time he seems like a cheesy stand-in kid who thinks he is so sexy, you find him humping the mic while Andy Farriss tries to bring down the house with a very cool, bluesy guitar sol0. I felt a little sorry for JD and wondered how INXS dealt with the problem after each show. Some of the new songs – especially those that JD “helped” with just plain BLOW. Other than Devil’s Party, the new stuff is mostly a disaster from the singer point of view. A few of the songs are cool but JD muffs them up so bad it’s hard to get over it!

I wonder if Marty Casey would have been a better choice as you know he would have been true to himself and may have made the band better and different. Lovehammer opened and were OK. Nothing spectacular but not cheesy. JD sucks worse than I expected…but INXS the band did not disappoint. If you do not yet own them, The Swing and Listen Like Thieves are essential albums.

Just picked up the new Queens of the Stoneage Live Album\DVD recorded at London’s Brixton Academy. Let me just say these guys are still the best Hard Rock band in the world at the moment. I do miss Nick Oliveri’s twisted side and the anger he brought to the band but nonetheless, they ROCK! Every song on this release is a classic. I only wish they had included my personal fav – “In the Fade”.

Looks like the Isobel Campbell\Mark Lanegan collaboration EP is due out on December 13th. It should be very interesting stuff. You can find some preview downloads here. . . Lanegan is so freaking cool. Everyone should see him live.

Amazing – after listening to INXS for more than 20 years and as much as I did not like JD, “Switch” impressed me. I am on my 5th pass thru of the album (listening write now infact) and I am trying to determine if I really like it or it’s just a cheesy rip off of the original. Definitely a step into the past for them on a few tracks and JD (other than too much vibrato now and then and a lack of Michael’s charisma) can sound much like “Hutch”. A more in depth review will follow shortly…

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