January 2006

Oh Pizza! I can recall eating the best pizza of my life while sitting on a street corner in Napoli, Italy in 1998 with my wife, Heather and my bro-in-law, John. I can’t say for sure if the pizza there was really that good (becuase it WAS) or if it was location or the 7 bottles of homemade $4 Vino Rosso we consumed…but it sure seemed like the best pizza in the world.

It was just thin enough to get a nice crispy bottom and still hold its shape under the pressure of the most intense fresh San Marzano tomato sauce and hand pulled Mozzarella. Each of the THREE pizzas we ordered cooked in under 5 minutes in the Oak Fired pizza oven and arrived piping hot with the simplest yet tasty topping combinations. Simply amazing. I will remember that night for a long time to come.

I have yet to find a pie that rivals those we downed in Italia – until now. I think there is one true pizzeria in California (if not the country) that comes close. There are restaurant that get close (Like A16 in the Marina) but no true simple pizzeria. Delfina Pizzeria is the first that I have tried that rivals those Neopolitan pies. The crust is just so, the sauce and topping choices are sublime and the contorni and other menu items surely aim to please.

On a recent visit I ordered the Spicy Cauliflower with Fired Capers and Chilis and the Brocolli Rabe Pizze. Both were outstanding and are worth a return visit. The only problems I have with this spot is that they do not allow customers to bring their own wine. Not a huge issue but still a nit nonetheless…Go check it out.

Seems that our lives could get a bit more painful and more expensive. Unless we all take action right now.

Turns out that….3 days from today, all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls…AND YES, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS

To prevent this from becoming a new lifestyle and a new monthly expense you do not want, call the following number from your cell phone:


It is the National DO NOT CALL list. The call will only take a minute or two of your time and it could save you LOTS of money. Making this call (and selecting the correct options!) will block your number for five (5) years but be sure you call from the number you want blocked.


Do Not Call

Anyone else out there really enjoy big, bold, luscious, reds – a Lewis Cabernet, or a Howell Mountain Merlot? You all know who you are and I have been in that camp on and off since I took my first drink of a 1994 Gary Farrel Zinfandel. It was quite an amazing moment to realize how powerful really good wines could be – it was my first experience and one I will likely not forget. Shortly after I was fortunate enough to indulge in the 1994 Turley Hayne Vineyard Zin which will likely never be replicated – it was simply amazing (and still is, I have about a case left!).

What’s my point here you ask? Well – I have recently been in a Burgundy, Barbera, Barolo, Tempranillo phase and had all but forgotten the Bid Red Ones; until New Years Eve that is. If you have never tried this wine, it’s time to go out and find a bottle cause it is an appropriate reintroduction into the World of the Big Boys…

Find it – Drink it– 1999 Joseph Phelps Backus rated 97 by Robert Parker
It was full of forward black fruits, like dark cherry, cassis, prune, maybe even a hint of mocha and had a wonderful balanced tannin with a very smooth finish…

Funny, though I am not sure I totally agree with this recent (and bogus) AJAX discussion as I have been using the concepts at my new employer, KnowNow and in the Gmail email client. The KnowNow RSS reader, publishing tool, and admin tools all use the AJAX\REST format in UI implementation as does Gmail. AJAX is used to create a more Web 2.0 (interactive Web) experience using “Asynchronous JavaScript and XML” enabling browser updates with out refreshes. I am sure we can all see the value inherent in that paradigm. The funny thing is that KnowNow has had the capability before Gmail (and AJAX for that matter) ever existed…

If you’d like to understand more about what is different about AJAX please click here to access a KnowNow AJAX whitepaper and see what the buzz is all about….

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