What an epic show! I was lucky enough to have been in Austin on May 9th, 2007 when Kings of Leon were playing Stubbs BBQ. What a great venue and amazing band. They put on a great show before being forced to cut the set short because of pending thunder storms. My Step-Dad Lonny and I (and a collegue Navendu) were stoked to be there for this event and made the most of it. We got there early in the 100 degree heat and waited in line to get an upfront position. 30 minutes after show ended the skies opened up and pounded the City with a heavy, dense rain for about an hour…it was a great close on a killer evening.

There are few bands I would rather see at the moment – other than the Cult, Queens of the Stoneage or Siversun Pickups – and Stubb’s is in the top 5 venues I have been to. Hearing “Arizona” live was incredible – this band has the right stuff and they definietely have my attention.