While working at KnowNow earlier this year, a friend of a friend who manages a major investment bank sent a very funny (and a little sad) slideshow around on the “SubPrime Debacle”. All the latest goings-on had me thinking about it and I dug it up. It simply amazes me that in a world with so many smart people running the show, things could get so out of hand so quickly.

I guess greed and power can result in crazy behaviour regardless of background or brilliance.


After reading up on the economic policies of both Presidential Candidates (what little concrete info could be found), I must say I am rather impressed with the thoughts, policies and team Barack has pulled together. While still not as concrete or clear as he could be, his beliefs and positions to date signify good things to come for our current ailing state.

Obama seems the most thoughtful (not to mention SMART), pragmatic, realistic, and genuine leader available in the race – and actually in the ever increasing pool of politicos. Look around, listen to what “they” are saying and how “they” say it – all seems very disingenuous to me. In fact, Obama even has many of the “staunchest conservatives” thinking twice about voting party lines. I say it’s time we have a black person, with a Muslim name as our president. I just hope the majority of American voters agree with me…