The cliche of epic rock shows is a dwindling and almost non-existent experience these days. If it weren’t for Bands like Kings of Leon and the SilverSun Pickups, our world would be a quiet and moreose place. I was lucky enough to have caught SSPU for their penultimate show on a two year touring stint. This show was especially interesting as it was the first time SSPU headlined the Fillmore – so they were as excited as the crowd was!

They put on a great show that left my good friend stunned like he was the first time he saw the Smashing Pumpkins.

There are few bands I would rather see at the moment – other than the Cult, Queens of the Stoneage or kings of leon – and the Fillmore is in the top 5 venues I have been to. If you haven’t yet seen (or at least listened to) this band, you should. SSPU has the right stuff and they definietely have my attention.