No – I didn’t wager $10K on the G-Men to win it. Bummer cause the odds would have paid out nicely. It was an amazing game, and I was as stoked as the next underdog-lovin’-part-time football fan that the G-Men pulled one off for the ages. But it was not the heroics of the prepubescent looking Eli Manning that brought me to a serious point of reflection, but the pre-game reading of the Declaration of Independence dedicated to our troops. Those men and women fighting for our history (and maybe our future too if we don’t make a change soon). This simple intro to a big game nearly brought me to tears in thoughts of our future. I found the timing of this presentation most profound in this time where a black man and a woman seem to be poised to break all previous barriers to the White House. What a HUGE opportunity for the future – of our country and for the world.

I am all for “living in the now” but I have two beautiful children and I want them to have a chance at what I have experienced in my first 37 years in this great country. If you have a conscience you must consider the FUTURE during this upcoming election. We have much to learn both from our history and what it means to our future…

this is a great blogpost (and a VERY COOL Webdesign Company) and the latest post says it all IMHO! Happy voting.


The cliche of epic rock shows is a dwindling and almost non-existent experience these days. If it weren’t for Bands like Kings of Leon and the SilverSun Pickups, our world would be a quiet and moreose place. I was lucky enough to have caught SSPU for their penultimate show on a two year touring stint. This show was especially interesting as it was the first time SSPU headlined the Fillmore – so they were as excited as the crowd was!

They put on a great show that left my good friend stunned like he was the first time he saw the Smashing Pumpkins.

There are few bands I would rather see at the moment – other than the Cult, Queens of the Stoneage or kings of leon – and the Fillmore is in the top 5 venues I have been to. If you haven’t yet seen (or at least listened to) this band, you should. SSPU has the right stuff and they definietely have my attention.


If you have not yet seen Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk, please stop whatever you’re doing and watch it *now*. It will open your mind and give you reason for pause. I have never been an incredibly gifted creator. I thnk of myself as generally intelligent but I can say for certain that I have more or less lost my creative spark. I also know I have had few (if any) truly creative – e.g., entirely original – ideas in my life. In fact, I would venture to guess that is a fact of life for the majority of the world’s population. I think there may be a reason for this and so does Sir Ken Robinson. In this video from the TED meetings in Monterey (a very interesting annual “thinkers” gathering), Sir Robinson makes profoundly moving case for creating an education system that fosters creativity, rather than “teaching” it out. Robinson points out the many ways our schools fail to recognize — much less cultivate — the talents of many brilliant people. “We are educating people out of their creativity,” Robinson says.

I tend to agree with Sir Robinson and am personally working on allowing, and encouraging my kids to continue to create without boundaries for now. If the square is not quite right, who really cares, it’s all creative energy that is building brain power and cognitive ability. The details of correct shapes all the way to art history will become clear over time. For now, let there be ART and make your kids (and yourself) SMART!


What an epic show! I was lucky enough to have been in Austin on May 9th, 2007 when Kings of Leon were playing Stubbs BBQ. What a great venue and amazing band. They put on a great show before being forced to cut the set short because of pending thunder storms. My Step-Dad Lonny and I (and a collegue Navendu) were stoked to be there for this event and made the most of it. We got there early in the 100 degree heat and waited in line to get an upfront position. 30 minutes after show ended the skies opened up and pounded the City with a heavy, dense rain for about an hour…it was a great close on a killer evening.

There are few bands I would rather see at the moment – other than the Cult, Queens of the Stoneage or Siversun Pickups – and Stubb’s is in the top 5 venues I have been to. Hearing “Arizona” live was incredible – this band has the right stuff and they definietely have my attention.

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