Ok – I think I have to say it, Myth is hands down one of the best restaraunts in the country, if not the world. On all fronts, service, ambience, cuisine, winelist, and price, it gets top marks.

Heather and I have been coming to this establishment for more than 2 years now and only the very first experience (the restaraunt’s first month of business) did we have one less than stellar comment. The kitchen was a bit behind – otherwise, flawless. The cauliflower soup is sublime, rich but light at the same time. Each pasta course is a winner but the Gnochi and the Rigatoni with Foie Gras cream are unbeatable. The scallops were amazing – probably best I have had, and the Kobe Beef burger was stellar. The desserts are good bu not great, but I am usually so full with the wonderful meal that dessert is an afterthought! Ask for David too – he is the best in the house.


So if you haven’t caught wind of them yet, you will. Who is SSPU you might ask…a new and improved version of the titanic 90’s Grunge group The Smashing Pumpkins.

This quartet from LA is a stellar band making some of the best music around right now and they sound richer than the guitar, bass, drums, and keys they actually are. You can get a sample of the sounds at

Check out Carnavas (their first full length album) and Pikul (EP), both are stellar efforts that I highly recommend.


Had another amazing meal at this NYC staple in the East Village. Took my boss (BR virgin) and had a great bottle of wine, a fine Hangar Steak, and some meaningful conversation.

As usual, the food was stellar and the environs never fail to impress. In fact, Sean Lennon was leaving right as we arrived. Would recommend this as a return visit location for anyone who enjoys “real and approachable” quality dining. Don’t be afraid of some of the esoteric menu options (like Bone Marrow, and Pigeon) – they rarely miss!

Happy eating…


As you know, being the music nazi presuposes a certain level of cynicism with the introduction of the next "hot" thing in the music world.  It took me all of 5 minutes to hear-listen-visualize-truly understand just how impactful the Brittney Spears revolution would be with the release of "Oops I Did It Again".

On the other hand, I have found myself listening in wonder at the massive levels of hype with bands like Oasis, the Hives, the Strokes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and others.  While those bands mentioned are pretty good, the style and sounds seem "vaguely" familiar.  Here on the other hand, you have the Arctic Monkeys.  If you have not seen nor listened to the Arctic Monkeys, you can do so here.  For such a young group, they are tight.  Really. Tight.  Worth a spin or two to see if it catches you as it did me and if nothing else you can wonder what a Monkey in the Arctic might resemble.

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