I must be missing something. Noone ever told me that having kids would speed the passing of time so significantly. To say 8 years has slipped by since our amazing Grace joined our world is mind boggling in and of itself but to think our cuddly little Jackson is ALREADY SIX is almost too much to comprehend. Jack is moving on to first grade and it seems like just a day ago that he started walking! We have the most amazing kids in the entire world.

If i could give any advice to new or expecting parents it would be to spend as much of your time as possible with your new ones, take lots of pictures & video, and look at the results often. It is the only real way to experience (and chronicle) the amazingly rapid transformations you will witness. The key however is to spend time experiencing life with your kids. Heather and I try really hard to present “experiences” to our children, sometimes at the expense of our savings or investment in our home. The home will always be there but the time you can spend with your children (and resulting memories) are FLEETING!

SIX Years!!

I am starting a yearly tradition – a video journal that captures the adventures in the year of each of the kids lives on their birthday. I only wish I had started this from year 1…