DSC04311.JPGIt all started more than 8 years ago at a party in SF at Colleen and Susan’s place – Molly Hautau told me I was the “Music Nazi”. At this point, I have been told – by too many to argue now – that I am much like the soup slinging hard ass from Seinfeld fame but as it relates to all things music. I like all kinds of music and have a penchant for inflicting my views on those around me. I can proudly say I influenced a few people in my semi-myopic world in their musical ways 🙂

It is with profound enjoyment that I can tout: “I saw Nirvana as a garage band, I was lucky enough to see U2 on the “under a Blood Red Sky” tour made famous by the Red Rocks video, at the Joshua Tree Day on the Green with my Best Friend Colt (our first show we could drive to by the way!), and in Hawaii in 1996 with Pearl Jam. I witnessed the Foo Fighter’s first show EVER at the Fillmore SF with my two younger brothers in tow, I saw Pearl Jam countless times (and on the Ten tour in 1991), witnessed Rage Against the Machine opening for Soundgarden, saw Tom Waits at the Paramount, saw Willie Nelson at the Fillmore, viewed Queens of the Stoneage on at least 5 occasions including a show with Dave Grohl, drank a beer with Mark Lanegan, witnessed the Cult pre and post reunion including once on the Sunset Strip at the House of Blues and in Las Vegas with Whitey and Colt, and participated in at least 500 shows in my young life. Live music is one of my most important lifebloods and I cherish the opportunity to influence my kids, Gracie and Jackson and my beautiful Bride, Heather in this love as well. The kids have each seen a few shows already in their young lives and plan to see many more!

Aside from that – I am a father, a husband, a technologist, a cyclist and a man who enjoys the finer things in life including friendship, food, and good (but not necessarily expensive) wine. I spent the past 11 years working for startups in the Business technology space including Clarify, Epiphany and KnowNow. I most recently joined a very promising Silicon Valley venture focused on driving revenue and sales productivity. The brand is Genius Genius (it seems I have a knack for choosing career options at companies with catchy names). We are on the precipice of something amazing with innovation around simplifiying traditional e-marketing processes in order to improve conversion rates and drive revenue more rapidly. Genius is already innovating in these areas and is poised for the next major wave of innovation. I am excited to be working with such a solid team like David, Robert, Lars, Rick and the rest of the Genius team.

Anyway – that’s the scoop. Thanks for visiting and be sure to give Genius a try if you use email to drive traffic to your website!