No – I didn’t wager $10K on the G-Men to win it. Bummer cause the odds would have paid out nicely. It was an amazing game, and I was as stoked as the next underdog-lovin’-part-time football fan that the G-Men pulled one off for the ages. But it was not the heroics of the prepubescent looking Eli Manning that brought me to a serious point of reflection, but the pre-game reading of the Declaration of Independence dedicated to our troops. Those men and women fighting for our history (and maybe our future too if we don’t make a change soon). This simple intro to a big game nearly brought me to tears in thoughts of our future. I found the timing of this presentation most profound in this time where a black man and a woman seem to be poised to break all previous barriers to the White House. What a HUGE opportunity for the future – of our country and for the world.

I am all for “living in the now” but I have two beautiful children and I want them to have a chance at what I have experienced in my first 37 years in this great country. If you have a conscience you must consider the FUTURE during this upcoming election. We have much to learn both from our history and what it means to our future…

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